Lagerfeld 2017 Cuba Chanel Show

Karl Lagerfeld is functioning strong. He has been spotted at Cuba’s Teatro Marti Resort stage a national historical theater built in 1884. Has was sitting behind a card table spread with novelties and some of Cray-Pas and a gigantic bottle of Chanel Boy perfume. Rumor has it, he plans to show a mystery dress 24 hours after as part of his Chanel Cruise collection.

Then again, nobody realizes how to be at the threshold of modern better than Lagerfeld. However, this show advanced beyond rehashed lines with attendees seated on park benches of the tree-lined Paseo del Prado. The models paraded flat brogans, flip-flops, and slides. This was Chanel in full swing with full sheer dresses belted neatly with 1950s car prints, angular lofty straw like dresses in tweed or macramé, calf length swirly skirts made with organza or lace, and wide cuffed pants with black spencer jackets.

The Chanel brocades had improved the scene with enhanced sleeves with opaque layers of frayed fabric (with just a slight tribute to Latino ruffles) along with sparked-spattering little dresses in the grassy-blues, pinkish peach colors, and sunflower oranges that could be seen in every corner in the profoundly gorgeous landscape of Havana.

A conga line concluded the show, as models pranced down Prado to the festive drumbeats and vocals of a Cuban band.

Lagerfeld emerges and dances in salsa style with French actress Cécile Cassel. The Chanel guests are thrilled. They should be especially since they to have a place to flaunt their gingerly chosen selections in front of an audience of admiring colleagues.

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