Dressing up in a Dressed Down World

Traveling or living in a casual dress environment such as Denver Colorado, can make things complicated for a fashion enthusiast. With an ever changing culture casual dress has reached new heights, people are embracing sweats and hoodies over jeans. How does one adapt without compromising style and a polished look?  As a fashion stylist and observer the answer is in styling, novelty items, grooming and accessories. It is a given that fashion has shifted to comfort and function which is why when adapting to the athleisure or casual chic its important to play up your general aesthetic in makeup, hair ,grooming and accessories.

Forever 21 @ Curvymodelkimberlyd
Forever 21 Plus Moto Jacket










Style notes: The models pictured  are wearing ripped jeans, jacket and blouse, their make up and hair is amplified to balance the dress down look.

Adding novelty items or statmemt pieces such as a well polished bold coat or jacket goes along way. The right coat or jacket can allow for one to look polished no matter what your wearing underneath. To further enhance one’s look add accessories and luxe shoes to compliment and enhance the total look.

@Blvksov Forever 21 Wool Blend Over Coat /Men’s scarf Forever 21

ModCloth.com Posh that Thought Coat

Transitioning from accessories, styling is very important the saying “the person wears the clothes and not letting your clothes wear you” means to add a personal touch while making sure your appearance is tailored. Styling can be something so simple as rolling up your jeans and cuffing them over your shoes to layering. Men’s fashion has evolved from basic hoodies, the present trend is layering and mixing fabrics. A style trend that men are wearing is a long oblong tunic sweater under a  tailored Jacket looking hoodie, paired with a flannel shirt and pants with boots layered over pants.

Forever 21 Raw Hooded Longline
Forever 21 Flooded Pocket Front Jacket

Style notes: A style trend that men are wearing, is a long oblong tunic sweater under a  tailored Jacket looking hoodie, paired with a flannel shirt and boots layered over pants.

In closing the casual chic look is doable as long as one takes the time to enhance their appearance; through grooming, creative styling, and keeping a polished theme wear the clothes don’t let the clothes wear you.
Forever 21 and ModCloth  images retreived December 2016
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