Foil is About to Be All the Rage

Foil is About to Be All the Rage

From glitter roots to sequins and even rainbow hair shades, stylists are literally doing it all. But what if I told you that there was another trend heading our way, a trend that hasn’t been done yet… well its true and according to Sarah Lund a Session Master at KEVIN.MURPHY this is the next big thing! Now lucky for you, I’m going to share this secret with you… you’ll thank me later when you’re strutting this look around.

So what’s the next big hair trend? – Hair Foiling!  While this look may be a lot for everyday wear it can certainly be altered to fit into a more wearable version. Not convinced yet- no worries- continue reading and you’ll understand why this is about to be huge!

Please check out Sarah’s simple step-by-step directions below.


What you will need:

  1. Fleck Foil in Silver, Gold or Copper – for a more subtle look, choose a color that more closely matches your hair color.
  2. Strong hold working spray like KEVIN.MURPHY SESSION.SPRAY
  3. Clean eye shadow brush


Step 1

Prep damp hair with a setting lotion, You want to look for a product that will give volume and longevity such as KEVIN.MURPHY’s ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY.

Step 2

Set hair on a large curling iron holding horizontally so hair falls into waves instead of curls.

Step 3

Once cooled, smooth over with a brush and a working hairspray like SESSION.SPRAY to add hold and shine. You want to concentrate SESSION.SPRAY wherever you want the foil to stick. Determine where you would like to add your foiling.  It looks amazing along the part line or in the hair is tucked behind your ear around the hairline is another option. Remember, this is a statement so a little goes a long way!


Step 4

Allow the spray to become tacky and gently place the foil flecks randomly on section patting in with a small makeup brush.  Spray over everything and allow to completely dry. Lastly, use the eye shadow brush to lightly tap and drag the foil to break apart the pieces. Allow small bits to fall into the hair for added glamour.

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