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Chat with Izabela Matúšová

Chat with Izabela Matúšová

Chat with Izabela Matúšová

Chat with Izabela Matúšová

Today’s interview comes all the way from Slovakia!  Izabela Matúšová runs the phenomenal fashion, lifestyle and travel blog at  As always it’s great to hear about her favorite places to shop, movies to watch and who she looks up to.  For more great information and fashion tips be sure to follow her on Instagram @vogue_blur!

Have you always had a passion for style and fashion?

Well not really. When I was a small girl I was spending long hours in front of my closet and I was trying to make various combinations of my clothes. When I was about 10 years old, I really did not care about fashion at all. I would just take the first thing which got into my hands. Everything started in my puberty. Meanwhile I lived in California I started to care about style and fashion a lot and now it is quite important to me.

Who was key to influencing you to get into Fashion?

There is no one specific. I was following many different fashion bloggers a long time. I really liked the way they were expressing themselves. I was thinking about having my own blog a long time ago. I wanted to create a travel blog but then I got interested into fashion more. So at the end I decided to make my own fashion and style blog.

Who is your fashion icon?

I do not really have someone specific, but I follow many fashion bloggers so sometimes I get some inspiration from them. Also, I read some fashion magazines where I learn what is trendy. I like to stalk some interesting people on Instagram as well. Every time I get some perfect inspiration there. That encouraged me to make my Instagram @vogue_blur interesting and fashionable as well.

What is the one essential item in your wardrobe you couldn’t live without?

This might sound a little bit weird, because someone would maybe expect that I could not live without something extravagant or some kind of unusual piece of clothes. Honestly, I could not live without a basic white t-shirt. I use it in my every second outfit.

What are the trends that you are currently coveting?  Do you think you’ll love them next year?

A long time there is a trend wearing a fur vest. I love this trend, because I think it will be trendy also the next years and it is very cozy, smart and warm.

What daily tools and platforms do you use in your blogging routine, for research, promotion, sharing and other?

When I am planning on write a new post on my blog. I have to really think about an interesting outfit or post that would my followers enjoy. I do not want it to be boring for them. I have to make a good photos. When I go shoot some outfit I have to pick some neutral but interesting background. On the other hand when I am taking photos of some products or stuff then I like to use a white background and I use some other things to arrange it and make it more eye-catching. I made my blog ( all by myself and it was really challenging for me. I did it through squarespace. Firstly, I had to learn how it works and then I could make my blog.

What’s your favorite fashionable movie?

Definitely my favorite fashionable movie is Devil wears Prada. I saw it like five times, but it is still not boring for me.

Where are three of your favorite places to shop?

The most favorite would be Zara, then Mango and H&M as well. I like to shop in many other stores as well. It depends what I wanna buy. If I want to buy some underwear or PJ then I like buying these things in Victoria’s secret.

Where do you see yourself and your career in the next 5 years? 10 years?

I would like to continue with my blog. It is my hobby so I enjoy doing it. In the future I would like to go study fashion, so I hope I will get some job in this field. I want my blog to be inspiring and enjoyable for everyone.

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