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Chat with Sara Botton

Chat with Sara Botton

Chat with Sara Botton

Chat with Sara Botton

Chat with Sara Botton

Today we had another opportunity to talk a great fashion blogger out of Luxembourg.  She tells us about her inspirations and some of the trends you won’t see her adopting.  This Canadian has amassed almost 23K Instagram (@theivorydiary) followers and is a tremendous follow!  Not only is she posting some great styles but she is also doing it in some of the most beautiful places in Europe.  Make sure to check her blog out at

 When did you start The Ivory Diary and what made you decide to do it?

 I started my blog in March 2014. It was something I had wanted to do for years but never had the courage. Finally my husband talked me into it (thankfully) and agreed to take all the photos.

 Have you always had a passion for style and fashion?

 Absolutely! Although I have to admit that my passion grew in 2009 when I started a long distance relationship with my now husband. He was living in Madrid and I would visit him often. Seeing the fashion in Europe really got me hooked!

 What inspires your style?

 My style comes from a mixture of a bunch of things. Sometimes it’s the weather, sometimes it’s my mood. But I guess the majority of my inspiration comes from magazines, Pinterest or other blogs.

 Who is your fashion icon?

 My fashion icons are: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Chiara Ferragni and Chriselle Lim.

 What is the one essential item in your wardrobe you couldn’t live without?

 I want to say one of my handbags but to be honest it’s probably a pair of boyfriend jeans.

 Where are three of your favorite places to shop?

 I love Asos, Zara and if I’m extra lucky, Chanel.

 What are some of the latest fashion trends you love?

 I’m really into the 90’s revival trend. Chokers, Mom jeans, velvet, etc.

 What are some the latest fashion trends you can NOT stand?

 I’m not so into Kardashian-like tight dresses.

 Favorite pair of shoes/boots?

 A pair of black, suede ankle boots from H&M. Or maybe Gucci loafers.

 Where do you hope fashion blogging will take you in the future?

 It would be amazing if The Ivory Diary became something more profitable and I could work on it full time. I would love to be able to travel for my blog.

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